Kimberly Madison, MS, RN
Freelance Health Writer

Hello there! My name is Kimberly. I’m a freelance writer and registered nurse. I use effective communication strategies to create health and medical content for consumer and clinician audiences.

I entered the nursing profession over 12 years ago with the goal of empowering people to attain optimal health and wellness.

My clinical expertise covers multiple specialties, including telemetry, med-surg, acute rehabilitation, orthopedics, emergency medicine, trauma, and pediatrics.

Writing about health and wellness is merely an extension of helping others improve their health.

My nursing background is the perfect complement to my health writing. My understanding of medicine and healthcare allows me to transform complex medical topics into patient and consumer friendly information that is clear, concise and in plain language.

As a healthcare industry insider, I bring a unique perspective to health communication that may differ from a non-clinician writer. Whether the topic is management of chronic disease or healthcare quality improvement, my knowledge and subject-matter expertise assures trustworthy, high-quality, evidence-based content.  

I’m thrilled to call New York City my home. When I’m not working, you can find me hanging with my dogs, Leo and Link, exploring the city by foot, traveling, or spending an afternoon in a museum.